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Plant Extract

Take Glycyrrhizin as an example. The main function is whitening and anti-oxidation. Glabridin is a kind of flavonoid active ingredient derived from licorice root. It is a common skin whitening ingredient. Only 1g Glabridin can be extracted from per 500kg licorice root. And its whitening effect is 1000 times that of vitamin C. Therefore, it also enjoys the name of “Whitening Gold”. Glabridin, as a major ingredient of licorice for skin, is mild and non-irritating. Glabridin is recognized as a safe and scientific whitening cosmetic ingredient.


Our essence 98% of the spices are naturally extracted. It is mainly extracted from fruits or flowers, but the taste and aroma are not enough. Then we will manually mix them, so it is not 100% natural, but it is almost equivalent to natural products.
Manual blending --- added some synthetic flavors to enhance the aroma. The proportion of synthetic perfume will not exceed 5%.All the raw materials used in the fragrance are 100% in line with food grade and pharmaceutical grade.Our flavor are water soluble, oil soluble, and microencapsulated powder (embedded powder).Our fragrance does not contain these chemicals: No Diacetyl or Acetoin---diacetyl and acetoin (butanone).
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