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About the role of plant extracts

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Plant extract refers to the ingredients that can be used by extracting effective ingredients from plants, concentrating them, and adding them to the required substances, so that the effective ingredients in plants can be better utilized. If you use plants directly, it will be difficult to mix and transport, and you can't handle it yourself. It would be too much trouble if we use plants directly. Moreover, I can’t handle it well. Now I sublime the plant, extract the necessary elements from the plant and concentrate, and take the essence to remove the dross.

These essences are generally used in cosmetics to make cosmetics and skin care products. Now more and more young people use high-end, atmospheric and high-grade plant-extracted cosmetics, which cause little harm to the skin. Natural plants protect natural skin. . However, it is best not to make natural cosmetics raw materials by yourself to avoid side effects.

Plant extracts

Secondly, the extracted plant extracts can be used in the production of medicines. Before there was no western medicine, we ate Chinese medicines and boiled the plants into soups to drink. In the past generations of Chinese medicines used Chinese medicines to treat illness all the time, but Now that we have high technology, we no longer need to swallow bitter medicine. From the previous bowl of drinking Chinese medicine, now you only need to concentrate this extract and compress it into tablets.

There is also use as an additive. Additives made from natural plant extracts are not harmful to the human body, such as citric acid directly extracted from corn. Just add a little bit and it can be used as freshness of the product.

Using natural plant dyeing is the healthiest. We also extract essence from plants for dyeing. Sometimes the things we eat and drink need to be dyed for beauty, such as beverages, which add natural extracts and dye. Can make the color look more beautiful. Now we choose to use natural pigments for dyeing in the cream we eat, so that we are sure that the things we go for will not cause any harm.

Plant extracts

There is also the use of feed additives, and now the breeding has become large-scale. Must eat poultry and livestock to get comprehensive nutrition. So the feed ratio becomes especially important. Give the livestock a taste of natural grains. It is not completely reliable nutrition nor completely comprehensive good feed can raise high-quality livestock. So now they are all extracting ingredients from plants, extracting ingredients from grains, and adding them to feed to ensure adequate nutrition.

Then it can be made into daily necessities and products for children. Now cornstarch can be used instead of plastic to make cups and toys. Such products can decompose naturally. In fact, children who like to have toys don't have to worry. There are also paintbrushes made of pure natural corn starch and plasticine made from it, which is not harmful to children.

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