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Autumn is easy to cause skin problems, how to deal with it

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The autumn climate becomes dry, which will cause a series of skin problems, such as dry skin, itching, tanning and allergies, so it is important to take care of your skin.

1. Moisturize your skin

As the temperature gradually decreases in autumn, people's metabolism will also slow down, which will reduce the secretion of oil in the stratum corneum, making the skin dry and susceptible to bacterial infections.

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Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of moisturizing in autumn, and recommend creams or lotions containing oily ingredients, such as mineral oil and paraffin, but you also need to choose suitable skin care products according to your skin conditions.

2. Add more water

Do not confuse moisturizing and hydrating. In autumn, the weather is relatively dry, and its water storage capacity is weakened. In autumn, the skin will become tight and rough, and it is also prone to allergic reactions and dullness. Therefore, it is necessary to add enough water in autumn to ensure that there is 2500 ml per day. water.

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You can also eat more watery fruits and vegetables, such as citrus pears, apples or kiwis.

3. Do a good job of sun protection

Even in the fall, we must do a good job of sun protection. Although the ultraviolet rays are not so strong, there are no clouds in the sky to block and weaken the ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the autumn ultraviolet rays are still very fierce.

Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out. You can also wear long-sleeved pants and a sun hat.

If skin inflammation occurs, go to the dermatologist of the hospital for treatment.

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