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Does supplementing soy isoflavones cause estrogen excess?

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Tanshinone and soy isoflavones belong to the class of estrogen. Both can bind to the estrogen receptor in human cells and exert the effect of estrogen. However, many people have misunderstood that eating more soy isoflavones will cause breast and ovarian problems. Health risks, in fact, the activity of soy isoflavones is equivalent to one hundred thousandth of estrogen, and it has a two-way regulation effect. When the body's estrogen is high, it can help the body to reduce it.


Why is this? Because the number of estrogen receptors in the human body is effective, when the amount of estrogen is large, soy isoflavones can competitively bind to estrogen receptors, so that a part of the extra estrogen cannot bind to the receptors to play a role. This is the principle of the miraculous two-way regulation of soy isoflavones.

In clinical dermatology, phytoestrogens such as tanshinone and soy isoflavones can be used orally or externally to improve acne. It is more reliable and an over-selection of direct use of estrogen.

Studies on women's maintenance have found that mature women over 40, especially women with osteoporosis from menopause, have been clinically found that soy isoflavones are 80 mg per day, continuously taken, and it can be taken six months later. I have seen that bone minerals and bone density have increased, and it can effectively relieve menopausal body heat, night sweats, poor sleep quality, emotional distress and other conditions.


If the average person consumes 50 mg of soy isoflavones a day, it is equivalent to a cup of 500 ml of soy milk, or a piece of 200 grams of tofu, or 125 grams of bean sprouts, or 25 grams of dried yuba, or 100 grams of fermented bean curd.

However, it is often difficult to supplement comprehensive nutrition through diet, and the absorption efficiency is not precise enough, and the effect is greatly reduced. At this time, dietary supplements of soy isoflavones may give you a faster and more convenient choice.

Soy is a plant food with very high nutritional value, especially for women, they need to supplement with soy to help increase the soy isoflavones in the body, which can help regulate and supplement the balance of estrogen in the body, estrogen and women’s uterine health and skin gloss Degrees are all closely related.

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