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Don't have any misunderstandings about plant extracts

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Maybe the little fairies will misunderstand natural and artificially extracted plant extracts, thinking that natural is the best, because natural and artificially made products are artificially interfered, and are not as good as natural products that use plant extracts. It is better to use plants directly. Although everyone can understand the logic, it is not the case. The current technology can make natural things more perfect. If you don't believe it, you can do an experiment. You can use royal jelly to illustrate this truth. Royal jelly is a great tonic. Of course, the freshest royal jelly is the best and the most active. Buying fresh royal jelly is of course the best, but she will be frozen if she can't finish it. Frozen storage of royal jelly is a common method, but you have to take it out every time you eat it, and then put it back. After such a hot and cold tossing for several times, the activity of royal jelly has already dropped, and perhaps only 50% of the activity remains.

Plant extracts

But now there is a technology that can dry royal jelly, just like the world has become a fruit and vegetable cut for sale, there is almost no water in it. It is made into a slice and eaten directly, so that it does not need to be stored in the refrigerator. Possibly, consumers still have the illusion that fresh royal jelly is the best, so air-dried is certainly not the best, but in fact it is not, so the processed raw materials are easy to preserve. And, at least 90% of the activity can be retained. Will not lose activity due to repeated freezing.

Plant extracts

The same is true for plants. Nowadays, technology has become more and more developed, and it has long been possible to make original natural things more perfect. Just like royal jelly, you want to use natural things, but you may not be able to handle them well. Just like natural cosmetic ingredients, the processing process may be self-defeating, so let technology handle it. Modern technology extracts the effective ingredients from plants, avoids the pollution generated in the process of their own treatment, and better preserves natural plants, concentrates the effective substances, and makes it play a more important role. This is the sublimation of plant life. 

Therefore, don't have any misunderstandings about plant extracts. Natural ones are not top-notch ones. I believe that our technology has processed and extracted the time-based part, taking the essence and removing the dross. We are exquisite women and we must persist. , Must live exquisitely. What we use must also be the essence.

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