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Eleven tips to develop good skin

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1.Quit sugar, very effective, dark yellow, reddish and long acne, all work, the effect is too good to believe. The sugar quitting mentioned here is strictly to quit carbohydrates, but I think it’s too unacceptable not to eat staple foods. As long as you do, don’t eat all kinds of desserts, cakes, bread, and all kinds of drinks. Anyway, as long as it is sweets, don’t eat.

2. Quit frying. If you eat too much oil, there will be a lot of problems. Although I will not gain weight, I will get acne. Really.

3. Don't rub your face with your hands, although I still can't control my cheek, it's really comfortable!

4. Please remember that all quick-acting skin care products should not be used! Do not use the mask to remove blackheads, and do not use a mask that claims to be white overnight.

5. Persevere for a long time, insist on wiping sunscreen, holding an umbrella, regardless of cloudy or rainy, indoor and outdoor. It is very effective. Protest insists on taking care of skin care every day, insisting on feeling the condition of one's own skin, and choosing the one that needs the most.

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6. Have the correct knowledge of skin care, don't do it! Don't think that you are super skin-resistant, just apply everything to your face. Don't use soap-based cleansing every day, so that you don't have any sebum left on your face and feel that you haven't washed it. In many cases, the skin gets better without washing your face, and leaving a layer of oil is very good for the skin.

7. Don't believe in what others say, don't follow suit.

8. Expensive things must be expensive. It may be packaging, flavoring, quality control, raw material quality, or brand value and marketing. Although cheap things are indeed very useful, skin care products are really not easy to step on.

9. Do reasonable cleaning + moderate moisturizing + strict sun protection. Basically it can reach 90%, but how can the exquisite pig girl be satisfied with 90%? Therefore, anti-oxidation, whitening and anti-aging are required.

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10. It can be taken orally, such as grape seed, VC and the like. Although it may be useless, I firmly believe that long-term eating is definitely better than no eating.

11. Make sure you get enough sleep. I don't think you can generalize on a few points. Even if you stay up late, everyone's biological clock is different. If you sleep late for a long time but wake up late, it shouldn't matter. This is my own idea.

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