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Flower skin care wisdom

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Many girls are supporters of natural plant skin care. Today, when flower ingredients are widely used, many brands take it as a highlight. There are tens of millions of flower ingredients on the market. We have tried more than a hundred kinds of them. Just talk about a few of them, and feel the real skin care wisdom of flowers.

1. Rose

The first thing I want to talk about is definitely roses. Among the skin care products on the market that use flowers as the main ingredient, roses account for half of the country. The saying "the queen of flowers" is really well-deserved.

Roses commonly used in skin care products are mainly Turkic rose (Damascus rose), French rose, and venetian rose. Pay attention to the rose water and rose essence in your hands. They are basically these small partners. They can be said to be enduring. The skin care ingredients too.

Rose is used in skin care products, mainly for moisturizing, anti-oxidant, whitening or soothing mood.

Moisturizing depends on the sugar in the rose; rose is also a good antioxidant, the trace elements contained in it can remove the free radicals of the skin; not to mention the whitening effect, the manual tells every day, it is a good friend of melanin. The inhibitory effect of amino acid enzyme can assist in whitening; its fragrance is also a magic weapon often used by aroma therapists, which can soothe emotions and give people a peaceful feeling.

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2. Lotus

Lotus is also quite common in skin care products. Lotus extract has the effect of anti-acidification and can reduce the harmful active oxygen of skin aging. Therefore, many skin care products containing lotus ingredients are excellent in resisting aging, improving dullness, etc., and can also improve skin moisturization and elasticity.

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3. Baihe

The pure white flower lily has flawless white petals, inhibits melanin production and brightens the skin. Lily extract also enhances cell metabolism and anti-inflammatory functions, and is also a good helper for our skin care.

4. Calendula

Calendula is also a common flower ingredient in our lives. It has high value whether it is for skin care or medicinal use. The ancients realized its value very early, and the praise of "Rejuvenation Grass" is really not just talking.

Calendula has good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, especially against Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. It is also rich in a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin C, which can prevent pigmentation, improve skin luster and elasticity. Ancient Egyptians believed that it could slow down aging. It is also the astringent star in the flower, and has an effect on shrinking large pores.

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Chrysanthemum is also a good ingredient for antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and soothing. It can be seen in many anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and soothing skin care products. The more common ingredients in the ingredient list are chamomile, immortelle, cornflower, and wild chrysanthemum.

6. Sakura flowers

Cherry blossoms are rich in natural vitamins A, B and E, which have good moisturizing and oil balancing effects. Cherry leaf flavone also has the medicinal effect of promoting sugar metabolism, which is what we call anti-glycation, and it is also relatively common in skin care products. Floral composition.

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