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How to care for the skin always oily?

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Oily skin is a problem that many people will encounter. Letting it go will affect skin health, block pores and even induce skin diseases. At this time, many girls with oily skin are beginning to be unable to calm down. At this moment, a serious question lies in front of you: With oily skin, which one thinks oil control or hydration is more important?

1. What is oily skin?

Oily skin has strong sebum secretion. Most people have dark skin, large pores, greasy and shiny skin, and can even have an orange peel-like appearance. Their pH value is between 5.6 and 6.6, which can easily adhere to dust and dirt, causing skin infections and acne.

(1) Refusing skin care products is refreshing? 

Many MMs will say that my skin is prone to oil, so no skin care products are needed to keep it fresh. In fact, this is a wrong skin care viewpoint. When the skin is exposed, the moisture in the pores will be lost, and the oil in the skin will overflow. If this happens, it will cause the skin's water and oil imbalance.

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(2) Who is more important for water and oil control?

Don't entangle, both are important. The latest dermatological theory believes that excessive oily skin is not only due to excessive sebaceous glands, but also due to damage to the “hydrolipid film” on the skin's surface, which reduces the barrier function and then stimulates Sebaceous glands secrete too much oil, so oily skin should not only hydrate, but also moderately "replenish oil."

In order to maintain a healthy and balanced skin, in addition to moisturizing, so that skin cells maintain normal metabolism, but also to balance the secretion of oil, and moderate oil control without harming the skin barrier. In other words, no matter what the skin type, the water-oil balance is the ideal state of the skin.

2. Three steps to oily skin care

(1) Clean + oil control

Oil control is a technical activity. Excessive oil control may stimulate the sebaceous glands and weaken the sebum membrane, leading to more vigorous oil secretion. If oil control is not in place, it may not be able to fundamentally maintain the skin. The key to oil control is the control of oil.

Clean skin thoroughly. This is the first step in oil control, clean up old dead skin cells and oily dirt that hinder pore excretion, and remove hidden dangers of acne. If you wash your face less than 3 times a day, you can use the "alternating cleansing method" in the choice of cleansing products, that is, use soap-based active facial cleansers every 2 days, and daily use amino acid-based facial cleansing products, which can achieve moderate cleansing , Avoid irritating the skin.

Wash your face with warm water. Washing your face with cold water for oily skin will cause facial skin pores to shrink, so that the oil and sweat in the pores cannot be cleaned out in time. The consequence of this is that the skin pores are enlarged. The correct way is to wash your face with warm water, which can ensure that the pores are fully opened without excessively losing the skin's natural moisturizing oil. Also, do not use towels for cleansing, choose soft facial tissues or beauty towels.

Exfoliate once a week. In autumn, the skin is sensitive and fragile, so reduce the frequency of exfoliation, just once a week. Use the scrub cleanser to perform a deep cleansing of the skin, which can thoroughly remove the oil, dead cells and dirt in the pores on the skin surface.

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(2) Moisturizing + moisturizing

Too much oil in oily skin does not mean enough water. According to statistics, 80% of oily skin is dehydrated. This exuberant amount of oil will cover the fact that the skin is dehydrated, and the dry weather in autumn makes the skin more prone to dehydration. Therefore, in addition to oil control, oily skin must not forget to replenish water. 

Use a hydrating mask. The moisturizing mask is a nutrient that replenishes skin energy. Oily skinned beauties apply the moisturizing mask once or twice a week to allow the moisturizing factors to penetrate into the bottom of the skin and spread quickly to moisturize the cell tissues "waiting to drink". The skin can adjust the balance of water and oil only after drinking enough water, and naturally there will be less oil secretion.

Pay attention to night care. People with oily skin tend to reject night cream products. In fact, people with oily skin need to use correct methods to adjust the condition of oily and dehydrated skin at night. It is recommended that beauties with oily skin choose a night cream that does not contain mineral oil, avoid the oily T-zone, and use the correct massage technique to fully absorb the night cream, so that there is no feeling of oil floating on the face.

(3) Reasonable work and rest

1)Get enough sleep, stay up late, and detoxify the body after ten o'clock in the evening. Going to bed early can reduce the accumulation of toxins;

2) Drink plenty of water, at least 8 cups a day, to help the body take away toxins;

3) Eat more fruits and vegetables, absorb cellulose and vitamin C to whiten the skin;

4)Eat less irritating food and seafood;

5)Reasonable diet/balanced nutrition, keep stool smooth, intestinal beauties are beautiful people;

6)Keep the skin clean, clean the skin before going to bed, and maintain it regularly;

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