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Indications of lotus leaf function

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1. Lotus leaf alkali has excellent weight loss effect

(1) The lotus leaf contains a variety of effective lipid alkaloids, which can effectively decompose the fat in the body and excrete it strongly.

(2) Lotus leaf alkali can be strong and dense on the human intestinal wall, forming a layer of fat isolation membrane, preventing fat absorption and preventing fat accumulation.

(3) The lotus leaf alkali has a significant detoxification effect, which can effectively open up various metabolic pathways in the human body, remove free radicals, and mediate the functions of the viscera.


(4) Lotus leaf alkali has the effects of clearing heart fire, calming liver fire, reducing spleen fire, reducing lung fire, and clearing away heat and nourishing the mind, mediating endocrine and improving human microcirculation.

(5) Lotus leaf alkali improves greasy eating habits. It has a strong oil rejection effect. Lotus leaf alkali accumulates in the body for a long time, inhibits fat absorption, and generates latent signals that inertia the brain’s dietary nerves, so that you gradually become more resistant to meaty and greasy foods. Disgusted.


2. Lotus leaf alkali has excellent lipid-lowering health care effects

Because obese human cells are not sensitive to insulin, patients often suffer from impaired glucose tolerance, and often increase in total lipids, cholesterol, triglycerides, and free fatty acids, resulting in hyperlipidemia and hyperlipoproteinemia, which induce diabetic atherosclerosis, The basis of coronary heart disease, cholelithiasis, hypertension and other diseases, nuciferine can effectively decompose and reduce body cell fat, improve its perception of insulin, and prevent the occurrence of high-fat diseases.

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