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Knowledge of vitamin B2 in the vitamin family

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Each vitamin has its own characteristics, just like each of us has its own characteristics. Today we will briefly talk about vitamin B2.

1. The physical and chemical properties and digestion and absorption of vitamin B2

Each of us has a nickname, so what is the nickname of our vitamin B2?

Vitamin B2 is also called riboflavin. It is stable to heat in acidic and neutral environments, but it is easily destroyed by heat and ultraviolet rays in alkaline environments. Our body is metabolizing at all times every day, so the vitamin B2 present in our adult body can maintain the body's metabolic needs for two to six weeks. When we have excess vitamin B2 in our body, we don’t need to worry, because it will be excreted in urine, and the unabsorbed vitamin B2 in food and the unreabsorbed part of vitamin B2 in bile can also be excreted in feces and sweat. A small amount of vitamin B2 can also be eliminated.

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2. The physiological function of vitamin B2

(1) Vitamin B2 participates in biological oxidation and energy production in the body; participates in the metabolism of vitamin B6 and niacin; participates in the antioxidant defense system.

(2) Vitamin B2 can maintain the concentration of reduced glutathione; it combines with cytochrome P450.

(3) Vitamin B2 also participates in the metabolism of drugs and promotes the growth and development of the human body.

3. Deficiency and excess of vitamin B2

(1) Lack of vitamin B2

When our body lacks vitamin B2, it is mainly manifested in inflammation of the eyes, mouth, lips, tongue, skin and mucous membranes. Presents special epithelial damage, seborrheic dermatitis, mild diffuse epithelial keratosis with seborrheic alopecia and neurological disorders, and typical inflammatory reactions in the eyes, mouth, and skin. Vitamin B2 deficiency can affect the metabolism of other nutrients such as niacin and vitamin B6. It will also reduce the absorption of dietary iron, causing secondary iron malnutrition and secondary anemia. Especially during pregnancy, if the lack of nutrient B2, it may also cause fetal bone malformations.

(2) Excessive vitamin B2

So far, there has been no report on our high intake of vitamin B2 from our diet. The lack of excessive vitamin B2 is related to the low absorption rate of vitamin B2 by the human body and the excessive absorption of vitamin B2 will be quickly excreted from the urethra. Simply put, under normal circumstances, our regular diet will not lead to excessive vitamin B2.

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4. Vitamin B2 requirements and food sources

(1) Vitamin B2 requirement

The body's need for vitamin B2 depends on many factors such as the body's growth rate, pregnancy, breastfeeding and bed recovery. The RNI of adult dietary vitamin B2 in my country is: 14 years old ~: male 1.5mg/d, female 1.2mg/d; 18 years old ~: male 1.4 mg/d, female 1.2mg/d. The supply of babies, children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers should be increased appropriately.

(2) Food sources of vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 is widely found in animal and plant foods, especially in animal liver, heart, kidney, milk and eggs; plant foods, green vegetables, legumes have higher content, and cereals have less content. And the vitamin B2 in cereals is mainly distributed in the bark and germ, and will be lost during milling. Therefore, the cereal processing should not be too fine.

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