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Manufacturer Supply Water Soluble Powder Ellagic Acid 40%

Magnolol is a magnolia extract of tan to white fine powder with obvious, long-lasting central muscle relaxation, central nervous system inhibition, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-pathogenic microorganisms, anti-ulcer, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor Inhibition
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 Manufacturer Supply Water Soluble Powder Ellagic Acid 40%



Product Name Ellagic Acid
Exterior Write powder(40%)
Active Ingredient Ellagic Acid 40%
Test Method HPLC
Extract from Pomegranate peel
CAS NO 528-43-8
Storage 2-10℃
Molecular formula C14H6O8

Water-soluble ellagic acid is a characteristic product of our company. Our R& D staff have solved theproblem ofellagic acid being difficult to dissolve, absorb and utilize.H0e070168c00c4a158c90f28bad8af5d8U



Ellagic Acid, the active ingredient extracted from Punica granatum L,has the following functions:
and anti-mutation. It has been proved to be an effective anti-carcinogen upon carcinoma of rectum and colon,esophageal carcinoma, liver cancer, lung cancer, carcinoma of tongue and skin.
2)Restrain to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and many kinds of microbe and virus.
Antioxidant, coagulant, descenting blood pressure and sedation.
4) Treat kinds of symptoms caused by high blood sugar, hypertension.
5) Resist to atherosclerosis and tumour.
6) Resist to
antioxidance, senescence inhibition and skin whitening


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Q1:Can I get some samples?

A1:We can provide you free sample for test,and you only need to pay the delivery cost.

Q2:Are these plant extract natual?

A2:All of our products are extracted by plants naturally ,no solvent plus and other materials,you can buy it safely.

Q3:What's about the MOQ?

A3:It depends on the different products.Usually our MOQ is 1KG.

Q4:What is the package of our products?

A4:We have different package for plant extract ,Can pack as your requirement.

Q5:What's the delivery lead time?

A5:We will make delivery within 3-7 days after receiving payment.

Q6:What about the delivery port?

A6:Main ports in china are available.

Q7:Is there a discount?

A7:Different quantity has different discount.

Q8:How to contact us and place the order?

A8:Send your inquiry details in the belows,then Click “SEND”NOW!

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