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Multiple applications of lemon flavor

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Edible flavors refer to the flavors of natural foods, using natural and natural equivalent flavors and synthetic flavors to be carefully blended into various flavors with natural flavors, including fruits, water and oil, milk, poultry, and meat , Vegetables, nuts, preserves, emulsified and alcoholic flavors, suitable for beverages, biscuits, pastries, frozen foods, candy, seasonings, dairy products, canned food, wine and other foods. Lemon flavor is an edible water-soluble blending spice with fresh lemon flavor, which is mostly used for flavoring beverages and cold foods.


1. Preparation

A natural lemon flavor, made from raw materials containing the following ingredients: lemon oil, white lemon oil, linalool, decanal, orange oil, geraniol oil, terpineol, salad oil. Preparation method: Argentine lemon oil, Mexican white lemon oil, natural linalool, natural decanal, Sunkist orange oil, geraniol oil, natural terpineol and salad oil are mixed uniformly to obtain natural lemon flavor.

2. Application

Lemon essence is an important type of essential oil in plant volatile oils. It is a light yellow transparent liquid with a pure and natural lemon fragrance. It is an important raw material for the perfume industry and cosmetics industry. It is widely used in the food, medicine and perfume industries. Adding lemon flavor to food can produce a unique fresh, natural and pure lemon fragrance, which not only enhances the taste, but also masks some unpleasant odors in food. Examples of its applications are as follows:

1) Prepare a lemon flavor for oily ink, which is composed of lemon flavor, maltodextrin and sodium starch octenyl succinate. Lemon flavor uses triethyl citrate, methyl dihydrojasmonate, peach aldehyde, and beta Naphthyl ethyl ether, lauric nitrile, ethyl ionone, propyl decanolactone, Fropi, allyl cyclohexyl propionate, tricyclodecenyl acetate, methyl-turkone, vanillyl acetate, neryl acetate , Undecylaldehyde, Ladealdehyde, Citronellyl formate, Geranyl formate, Geraniol, Citronellol, Nerol, Citral, Decanal, Thrrexyl acetate, Lemon eucalyptus oil, Citral , Privet aldehyde, dihydromyrcenol, linalool, allyl hexanoate, ethyl dimethylbutyrate, terpinolene, Brazilian orange oil, lemon oil terpene, caprylic aldehyde, p-cymene , Tangerine aldehyde, vanillin, grapefruit oil, triacetin.


2) Prepare a kind of lemon essence for the fragrance line in the filter stick. In terms of mass percentage, it consists of the following components: 10.0~15.0% lemon oil, 2.0~5.0% citral, 0.05~0.1% octanal, 0.05~0.1% nonanal, 0.05~0.1% decanal , 0.2~0.5% linalool, 0.1~0.2% terpineol, 79.0~87.?55% caprylic glyceride. This application provides a special flavor of the lemon flavor used in the fragrant line of thin cigarettes, and at the same time, with the improvement of the structure of the thin cigarette filter rod, the smoking effect of the thin cigarettes can be better improved, and the improvement effect is obvious. In addition to the types of cigarette products, it has a good demonstration and application significance for the design, development, production and sales of new thin cigarettes.

3) Prepare a lemon aromatic water-based ink, which is composed of magenta dye ink, yellow dye ink, light magenta dye ink, cyan dye ink, light cyan dye ink, and black dye ink. Any dye ink is composed of nano-capsule lemon. It is composed of flavor and dye ink. Nano-capsule lemon flavor is composed of lemon flavor, compound modified oligosaccharide and deionized water. The present invention also provides a method for preparing the above-mentioned water-based ink. The nano-capsule lemon flavor is uniformly dispersed in six dye inks in proportions to obtain water-based ink with lemon aroma characteristics. The present invention uses composite modified oligosaccharides as the wall material to coat lemon flavor to form nano-capsule lemon flavor, thereby improving the fragrance and water solubility of lemon flavor, making it uniformly dispersed in water-based ink to form lemon flavor Of aromatic water-based inks. When the present invention is applied to the printing of pictures or texts, color pictures or texts with lemon characteristic aroma can be obtained.

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