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In accordance with the spirit of the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the Arrangement of Some Holidays in 2021", combined with actual work,The announcement regarding the National Day holiday in 2021 is as follows:From 10.1 to 10.7, the staff will have a unified holiday. During t



Celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

To celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, we will take a vacation from tomorrow, which will last for three days. Happy Mid-autumn Festival!



Why is tea a "protective umbrella" for human organs?

The World Health Organization has investigated the pros and cons of beverages in many countries and finally believes that tea is the best beverage for mankind. According to scientific determination, tea contains protein, fat, more than 10 kinds of vitamins, as well as nearly 300 kinds of ingredients



Application of antibiotic-type plant extract feed additives in livestock and poultry breeding

Feed antibiotics have played a huge role in disease prevention and growth promotion of livestock and poultry. Over the years, with the development of livestock and poultry breeding, the problem of bacterial resistance and drug residues caused by antibiotic abuse has become increasingly prominent. Se



What are the effects of proanthocyanidins?

Proanthocyanidins are a class of polyphenolic flavonoids formed by polymerization of different amounts of catechins, epicatechins or gallic acid. They are widely found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, flowers and bark. Among them are grapes and cranberries. And other foods are richer in content.



2021 The 12th China International Cosmetics Personal and Home Care Products Raw Materials Exhibition

Since its establishment in 2008, PCHi has been based in China, focusing on the raw materials for cosmetics, personal and home care products, and taking technological innovation as the leading factor.



Efficacy and application of water-soluble tetrahydrocurcumin

The company's water-soluble tetrahydrocurcumin is completely soluble in water, which solves the current problem of insoluble in water, expands the use range of the product, and improves the bioavailability.

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