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Problematic skin care for aging skin

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1. Features of aging skin

Generally, the skin of the human body gradually ages with age after 25-30 years old. The main characteristics of aging are: the tissue function of the skin is reduced, the elasticity is weakened and dull, the subcutaneous tissue is reduced and thinned, the skin is sagging, wrinkles, and pigmentation. 

2. Reasons after the formation of aging skin

(1) Decreased function of skin organs: due to the decreased function of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, the secretion decreases, the skin lacks moisture and is dry, and the appearance of wrinkles increases.

(2) As the function of the organs declines, the skin's new age and new generation also decline, resulting in decreased skin tone and weak power regulation, and skin wrinkles.

(3) Skin nutritional barriers, unreasonable diet structure, insufficient nutritional intake, lack of nutrition in the skin, resulting in decreased performance and wrinkles in the skin.

(4) Poor health, reduced resistance to the outside world, weakened digestion and absorption functions, will accelerate the production of wrinkles and cause skin aging.

(5) Excessive fatigue, excessive consumption, sentimentality will also accelerate aging, and the mentality should be relaxed and work-rest should be combined.

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3. External factors that accelerate skin aging

(1) Excessive and rich facial expressions cause more facial wrinkles (such as crow's feet, mouth-corner lines, Sichuan characters, etc.).

(2) Long-term lack of sleep (working during the day and going to bed before ten o'clock in the evening) cells are in a state of fatigue, accelerating aging.

(3) Working in a dark environment for a long time, the facial muscles are in a tense contraction state, and wrinkles will appear over time.

(4) Improper rapid weight loss and lack of physical exercise can cause loose skin.

(5) Insufficient skin moisture replenishment makes the skin lack of moisture and elasticity.

(6) Long-term exposure of the skin to the hot sun, cold wind, dirt, smoke, or high temperature environment will damage the skin, become rough, and accelerate aging.

(7) Improper use of cosmetics can easily damage the skin and accelerate skin aging.

(8) Excessive smoking, drinking, drinking strong tea, and drinking caffeine or alcohol-containing beverages can easily cause skin irritation and accelerate aging.

4. False wrinkles and qualitative wrinkles

(1) False wrinkles are wrinkles that appear unstable on the face and can go away on their own. This type of wrinkles is caused by the skin’s temporary lack of water or oil. This skin has good collagen fibers and elastic fibers, as well as normal glandular functions. Through external care and self-regulation, it can disappear on its own within a certain period of time.

(2) Qualitative wrinkles, also called true wrinkles, are stable and irreversible wrinkles that form on the face. Generally, they can be resolved by surgical operation. False wrinkles are the early stage of qualitative wrinkles, while qualitative wrinkles are the result of the development of false wrinkles. The existence of false wrinkles is to reduce the possibility of qualitative wrinkles.

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5. Choice of cosmetics

(1) Choose cosmetics with moisturizing and anti-wrinkle ingredients, such as acid, collagen, vitamin E, etc.

(2) Choose nutritional cosmetics containing active substances, such as creams containing Lingzhi and pearls.

(3) Cosmetics containing hydrolyzed collagen. Can restore the elasticity of the skin.

(4) Vitamin-containing cosmetics, VA improves skin elasticity during keratinization, VC weakens pigmentation, moisturizes and resists oxidation.

(5) Products containing collagen and peptides are the first choice. Peptides can effectively supplement collagen and delay skin aging, which is the best choice for skin anti-aging. A variety of ingredients will hydrate, moisturize and fight aging to the end.

6. Daily care of aging skin

(1) Strengthen physical exercise to ensure good health and maintain a good metabolism.

(2) A reasonable diet, no picky eaters, no partial eclipse, and adequate and appropriate balanced nutrition.

(3) Do not stay up late and ensure adequate sleep.

(4) Do not work or study in a dark environment for a long time.

(5) Prevent unreasonable rapid weight loss.

(6) Pay attention to keep warm, sun, and sand.

(7) Pay attention to the moisturizing of the skin and drink plenty of water.

(8) Do not smoke or drink.

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