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Sensitive skin with problem skin care

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1. Features of sensitive skin

(1) The main manifestation of sensitive skin is the thinning of the stratum corneum, red blood streaks on the face after the expansion and contraction of subcutaneous capillaries caused by skin dehydration and sensitivity, red cheeks, thin skin, prone to allergies, and obvious red blood streaks on the face.

(2) The skin is prone to redness. Generally, temperature changes, too cold or too hot, the skin is prone to redness and heat. Severe redness and rash may occur.

(3) Redness, fever, itching and irritation caused by environmental factors, seasonal changes, and facial products are susceptible to genetic factors, but more sensitive skin is caused by the use of hormone cosmetics.

(4) Accompanied by the trouble of uneven skin tone, the inflammation fades away and it is easy to leave marks or spots.

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(5) Thin skin, incomplete stratum corneum, easy desquamation.

(6) Poor water retention capacity, tight and dry skin.

2. The root cause of sensitive skin has the following two aspects

(1) The skin's immunity is reduced due to damage to skin cells, and the thinning of the stratum corneum leads to insufficient skin moisturization, which ultimately results in the skin's barrier function being too weak to resist external stimuli. Then the nerve fibers of the skin are often exposed to external stimuli and are overly excited, which easily causes discomfort such as redness, fever, itching, tingling, and rash. This category is usually due to skin contact with hormones.

(2) Very simple, due to genetic factors, the skin and its sensitive skin.

3. Three principles of sensitive skin care

(1) Use mild, non-irritating detergents and moisturizers

(2) Keep the skin moisturized to maintain healthy stratum corneum

(3) Supplement skin oil to enhance skin barrier

4. Perform a skin test before using the product

When using skin care products for sensitive skin, you can apply the cosmetics to the delicate skin on the back or the inner forearm, and observe the reaction in 3-5 days.

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5. Skin care detailed reference

(1) For cleaning, avoid the use of alkaline ingredients and products with strong cleaning power. Use mild and slightly acidic, low-foaming cleansing products, or directly clean the face with clean water. Note that the water temperature should not be overheated or cold. , Generally around 3o'c, try to avoid skin care such as steaming, massage, and exfoliating.

(2) Toning skin, you can use make-up water containing anti-allergic and moisturizing ingredients to increase the moisture of the skin, and the enhancement of skin hydration can reduce skin sensitivity.

(3) Skin care Choose medical skin care products that are moisturizing and moisturizing.

(4) Use sunscreen SPF) 30,'PA++, generally used once every 2 to 4 hours.

(5) Massage with cold spray, massage cream or cream for massage, mainly acupoint massage, the time is about 10 minutes. If the skin is more sensitive, do not massage.

(6) Facial mask When the skin is not too sensitive, use a moisturizing mask. If the skin is in a sensitive period and symptoms of erythema, papules, edema and itching appear, put several layers of gauze or towel in cold spring water or saline and apply a wet compress for 20-30 minutes each time, 3 times a day. Until the above symptoms disappear.

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