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Should summer care skin repair or moisturize first

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In the summer, the skin is prone to redness, acne, peeling when sunburned, which is terrible. If you have this experience, please click on the blackboard and remember to take the notebook and write it down. Don't do it again next time!

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Incorrect cleansing, excessive hydration, unreasonable application of a mask, or even failure to protect the face can cause the above situation, because the sebum film is built on the stratum corneum. If the stratum corneum is damaged, the sebum film cannot be formed. , So babies with sensitive muscles will be dry and painful. Summer weather, rainy days and the sun are erratic. When the sun is out, it is especially hot and the water loss is serious. At night, it will strengthen hydration. Frequent facial masks and incorrect hydrotherapy can lead to excessive skin hydration, stratum corneum loosening and shedding. And so on, the skin barrier is damaged. When it rains, it is particularly humid. In this extreme weather, the oil secretion will be extremely strong, and sometimes it will be excessively cleaned. When the sebum film has not formed, the bacterial invasion and invasion will be particularly serious. Such back-and-forth care will result in thin stratum corneum, obvious redness, and skin sensitivity.

skin care

So why pay attention to repairing the skin barrier in summer and protecting the skin barrier is to lay a good skin foundation for the weather environment in autumn and winter. Our skin care is to be gradual and scientific, and make corresponding changes according to the environment and state. It is not a static basic hydrating care. If you have a healthy stratum corneum, even if the humidity is 0, the skin will not become dry immediately, because the healthy stratum corneum has super hydrating ability.

So don't rush for success, don't be too rushed when skin care. It is necessary to repair the skin according to the actual situation and develop supple and healthy skin.

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