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The difference between daily flavor and flavor

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Essence mainly plays the role of scenting the product, making the product scent overflowing. Most skin care products and cosmetics on the market have added flavours to increase the consumer's experience and delight the body and mind.

1. What is daily flavor

First of all, flavors are divided into three categories: daily flavors, food flavors and tobacco flavors. The perfumers in charge of flavor work are mainly divided into two directions: food and daily chemical. According to foreign standards, daily perfumers and edible perfumers are clearly distinguished in terms of title: PERFUMER refers to daily fragrance Master refers to the fragrance of fashion and daily chemicals. FLAVORIST refers to edible perfumer, also known as flavourist. Daily chemical fragrances are divided into three categories according to their functions: personal care, such as perfumes and cleansing products; household care, such as air fresheners, kitchen and toilet cleaning products; industrial products: paint, plastics, etc. In the above products, all the smells you smell belong to the fragrances of daily use.


2. The difference between daily flavors and flavors

In personal care products, flavors mainly play the role of scenting products and have aesthetic value. In addition to fragrance, flavors also have other useful functions. Since the human senses of smell accept the smell of essences, and the senses are closely related to the emotional part of the brain, essences have a great influence on human emotions. The name is different. The role of fragrance in cosmetics is to cover up the peculiar smell in the raw materials and increase the experience of use.

3. Are the fragrances in skin care products harmful?

The first thing we should notice is that some illegal merchants make fragrances of inferior raw materials into skin care products. They take advantage of our lack of scientific understanding of "flavors" and replace the natural harmless "true flavors" with inferior artificial flavors to make huge profits. Fake fragrance poisons people's skin. The milder one is skin allergies, the heavy one can cause skin ulceration. Secondly, many fragrances can cause allergies. Essence is essentially a mixture, which is made by artificial synthesis or natural fragrances. All natural are harmless. So are the fragrances in skin care products harmful? Bad fragrances and fake fragrances can cause allergies and even cancer. We must pay attention to this. In daily life, try not to choose skin care products with inferior fragrances, but choose regular skin care products with natural fragrances.


4. Are cosmetics containing fragrances harmful?

Flavors are blended with a variety of spices, with certain types. It can not only impart a certain fragrance to cosmetics, but also cover up some bad odors in the cosmetics. Although the amount of fragrance in cosmetics is not much, fragrance is one of the main skin allergens. Therefore, in order to avoid long-term exposure to fragrances and cause skin allergies, it is best to choose fragrance-free cosmetics. Different types of flavors have sensitization and irritation to different people, and may cause symptoms such as allergic contact dermatitis, light irritation, phototoxicity, immune urticaria and so on. However, not all flavors are easy to cause allergies. The flavor components that are more likely to cause allergies are cinnamyl alcohol, phenethyl alcohol, benzyl salicylate, citronellal, cinnamaldehyde, jasmine, geraniol, Peruvian balsam, and isobutylene. There are more than 20 kinds of genol, eugenol, and oak moss absolute.

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