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The physiological functions of ellagic acid

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Ellagic acid has a variety of biologically active functions, such as anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, anti-mutation properties, and inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus. In addition, ellagic acid is also an effective blood coagulant, which has a good inhibitory effect on a variety of bacteria and viruses. It can protect the wound from the invasion of bacteria, prevent infection, and inhibit ulcers. At the same time, studies have found that ellagic acid also has antihypertensive and sedative effects. 

1. Antioxidant properties

(1) Scavenging free radicals

Since the 1950s, the antioxidant properties of ellagic acid in the human body and in vitro have been continuously explored and studied. More and more research results have shown that ellagic acid has strong free radical scavenging and antioxidant capabilities. Ellagic acid has a scavenging effect on oxygen free radicals and hydroxyl free radicals, and its ability to scavenge free radicals is higher than that of antioxidants such as sesamol, olive leaf extract and lutein.

(2) Inhibit lipid peroxidation

In inhibiting lipid peroxidation, ellagic acid is considered to be the most effective inhibitor of the initial stage of microsomal NADPH-dependent lipid peroxidation. Ellagic acid can also strongly inhibit the lipid peroxidation induced by adriamycin . Ellagic acid inhibits iron myoglobin/hydrogen peroxide-dependent lipid peroxidation. Ellagic acid can prevent lipid peroxides (LPO) caused by exogenous substances in T cells, inhibit the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), and improve cell death caused by cytotoxins.

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(3) Other antioxidant activities

Ellagic acid can reduce the cell damage caused by radiation, hydrogen peroxide and mitomycin C in mouse bone marrow cells. Ellagic acid effectively inhibits the oxidation of DCDHF induced by peroxynitrite and the oxidation of peroxynitrite itself. At the same time, ellagic acid prevents the single-strand break of pTZ 18U plasmid DNA induced by peroxynitrite and the nitration of tyrosyl groups in calf serum albumin. Therefore, in vitro, ellagic acid protects biomolecules from oxidative and nitrification damage caused by peroxynitrite.

2. Other functions

The activation of pancreatic astrocytes is an important cause of pancreatic fibrosis, acute pancreatitis and other diseases. Ellagic acid inhibits the activities of activin-1 and mitogen-activated protein kinase induced by interleukin 1b (IL-1) and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), thereby inhibiting the transformation of new pancreatic astrocytes It is an activated fibrous phenotype. Ellagic acid, as a secondary metabolite, plays a role in anti-eosinophilic activity in the β-glucan peritonitis model. Ellagic acid is an effective inhibitor of eosinophils and can be used to treat allergic inflammation. Ellagic acid can resist carbon tetrachloride-induced liver poisoning in vivo and in vitro, and can also resist lipid peroxidation induced by tert-butyl hydroperoxide, so it has the effect of protecting the liver.

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Melanocytes exist in the basal layer of the epidermis, where melanin is produced. The raw material for melanin production is tyrosine (tyrosine), and tyrosine must be converted into dopa (DOPA) and dopaquinine (DOPAquinine) by tyrosinase, and finally melanin (melanin) is formed. Ellagic acid blocks the production of melanin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase.

Therefore, high-purity ellagic acid is mainly used as an additive in medicines, health foods and cosmetics, as functional factors such as anti-oxidation, suppression of human immunodeficiency virus, and skin whitening.

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