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Tips for dealing with enlarged pores

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For large pores, prevention is much easier than treatment. Daily skin care can provide effective help.

1. Use appropriate cleaning products to remove dust, grease, makeup and other residues left on the face to avoid clogging pores and keep the face clean. As for exfoliating products, you should choose carefully, not suitable for everyone, dry skin sensitive skin can not be used, oily skin use frequency should not be too high, you can use it once every 1 to 2 weeks. However, this type of product is not very helpful for existing enlarged pores.

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2. Daily use of skin care products with a concentration of less than 10% of fruit acid and 2% salicylic acid can dissolve horn plugs and unclog pores, which is helpful for slight enlarged pores.

3. Do hard sunscreen and soft sunscreen, the effect of both soft and hard is better. Applying sunscreen is an indispensable step for us to protect the skin, but studies have shown that as many as 14,000 tons of sunscreen end up in the ocean every year.

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4. Daily moisturizing is also necessary, just use the one that suits you, and you can choose refreshing moisturizing products for oily skin.

However, this kind of product is also irritating and can be used from a low concentration. If you fail to establish tolerance for many times, you can also give up using this kind of product. It is not suitable for everyone. You need to grow grass wisely.

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