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Try to use plant extracts to make cosmetics

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The cosmetics in China are getting more expensive and the quality is getting better. Girls like cosmetics made from natural plant extracts. The additives of synthetic cosmetics will always make people feel uneasy. Synthetic cosmetics can treat the skin. There is a temporary improvement, but there will always be some side effects. Therefore, many girls will choose to make cosmetics by themselves, using natural fruits and vegetables or drugs to make cosmetics. The cosmetics mentioned in this way do not have any artificial ingredients and will not have any side effects on the human body. However, the cosmetics made by ourselves use natural ingredients without any stabilizers and preservatives, so the shelf life is very short, and Personally made cosmetics are not hygienic, especially lipsticks. Making cosmetics at home cannot guarantee 100% aseptic operation. Therefore, cosmetics have become petri dishes for bacteria. For example, lipsticks, once used, bacteria will be born on them for a lifetime. Sun has been multiplying for countless generations. This principle is also taught to girls who like to apply facial masks. The facial mask should never be applied for a long time. It will absorb moisture from the face and cultivate several generations of bacteria. Therefore, it is not recommended to make cosmetics by yourself. If you want to use natural cosmetics, you can choose cosmetics made of plant extracts.

Plant extracts

Plant extracts are mechanized and sterile in the extraction process. There are no bacteria in cosmetics. At the same time, ingredients that are harmless to the skin are added to inhibit bacteria. In fact, the ingredients from plants are artificially extracted and added to cosmetics. It will not reduce the skin care effect. On the contrary, useful plant extracts will be concentrated several times and added to the cosmetics. The beauty effect will be more significant. Only a very small amount per day can be used to apply natural plants directly on the face. The effect of several times.

Plant extracts

Therefore, for sanitation, for more effect, and to save time, it is best to buy cosmetics made of plant extracts. Do not use plants directly. It is not good to use too much. You can't control the dosage by yourself, let alone It is very troublesome, time-consuming, unsafe, poorly matched, and unhygienic to extract and make cosmetics by yourself, and it is clear that once used is equivalent to expired, and the beauty effect is far inferior to the use of concentrated essence cosmetics. Girls must keep their eyes open when choosing cosmetics and try to buy good quality essences. Don't be greedy for cheap, cosmetics are practical for a long time and can't be used much in a year. After all, face is very important to girls, and don't buy too much. The shelf life of this kind of cosmetics is shorter than that of synthetic cosmetics. Waste, we only seek refinement.

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