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Water Soluble Lotus Natural Extracts Natural Slimming Powder 2% 5% Nuciferine

Nuciferine is lotus of one aporphine alkaloid main lipid-lowering active ingredient for the lotus

leaf; lotus leaf was pulverized in a dried material, cellulase pretreatment, extraction with dilute

hydrochloric acid, Ultrasonic-assisted extraction and chloroform extraction are extracted by a

series of methods.

It is mainly used as a treatment of diseases such as heatstroke, diarrhea, vertigo and edema.

There are many research reports about chemical ingredients of Lotus Leaves, which include alkaloids,

flavonoids and tannins.
  • Water Soluble Nuciferine

  • HongKang

  • 475-83-2

  • Herbal Extract

  • 1KG,5KG,25KG, as required

  • ISO

  • HPLC

  • White Powder

  • Pharmaceutical Grade

  • 10g

  • 24 Month

Water Soluble Nuciferine 2% 5% Lotus Leaf Extract Powder for Slimming

Product Description:

Product Name Lotus Leaf Extract Nuciferine
Active Ingredients Nuciferine
Specification 2% 5% Water Soluble Nuciferine
Appearance Brown yellow powder to off white powder
CAS NO 475-83-2
Molecular Formula C19H21NO2

Lotus leaf have a diuretic laxative, pass intestinal drugs, lipid-lowering . Lotus leaf can significantly

reduce serum cholesterol levels of glycerol and glycerol, lotus leaf extract plays a role in regulating

blood lipid health. Deliberately dieting to lose weight without using lotus leaf, the human body without

any side effects.


Water soluble Nuciferine 2%,5%

Medical Application

The most clinical application of lotus leaf extract is in the formula for weight loss and lipid-lowering,

 preventing and treating coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia.

Food&Health Care Application

Lotus leaf extract products are: compound lotus leaf granules, mixture, capsules, lotus leaf extract tea,

juice, chewing gum, toothpaste, tablets, etc.


1. Lotus leaf extract (Nuciferine) contains a variety of lipid alkaloids, can effectively break down

    the fat of body and excreted.

2. Lotus leaf extract (Nuciferine) can be powerfully adhere to human intestinal wall, forming a

    layer of fat isolation membrane, preventing fat from being absorbed and accumulation.

3. Lotus leaf extract (Nuciferine)'s detoxification effect is remarkable, it can effectively open up

    all kinds of metabolic pathways, scavenging free radicals, mediating organs' function.

4. Lotus leaf extract (Nuciferine) can clear heart fire, liver fire, spleen fire and lung fire, mediate

    endocrine and improve human microcirculation.

5. Lotus leaf extract (Nuciferine) can improve the habbit of greasy diet: Lotus leaf extract has a

    strong effect of oil exclusion. With long-term accumulation in human body, lotus leaf extract will

    produce latent signal inertia of the brain's eating nerves, making people feel disgusted with greasy

    food gradually.


Package:1kg/aluminum foil bag;25Kgs in fiber-drums with two-plastic bags inside

Net Weight:25kgs/Drum/Gross Weight:28kgs/Drum

Drum Size & Volume:I.D.35cm × H51cm,0.57 m³/Drum

Storage:Stored in dry and cool place,keep away from strong light and heat.

Shelf Life:Two years when properly stored.


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Q1:Can I get some samples?

A1:We can provide you free sample for test,and you only need to pay the delivery cost.

Q2:Are these plant extract natual?

A2:All of our products are extracted by plants naturally ,no solvent plus and other materials,you can buy it safely.

Q3:What's about the MOQ?

A3:It depends on the different products.Usually our MOQ is 1KG.

Q4:What is the package of our products?

A4:We have different package for plant extract ,Can pack as your requirement.

Q5:What's the delivery lead time?

A5:We will make delivery within 3-7 days after receiving payment.

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A6:Main ports in china are available.

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A7:Different quantity has different discount.

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