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Ways to care for wrinkled skin

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Most people think that the linear folds on the skin surface are wrinkles. It is normal for men and women to grow wrinkles. Normal muscle pulling, skin damage caused by light, and wrinkles appear when the skin moisture content is low. How do we care for wrinkles after they appear? Today, I will share with you the content of wrinkle care. Welcome to come and learn about it!

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1.Fine lines, this type of wrinkles should increase the moisture content of the skin, use powerful moisturizing products, pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue from affecting the skin condition, and strengthen the intake of body nutrition.

2. Normal dermatoglyph, normal dermatoglyph does not need special treatment.

skin care

3. Expression lines, you can use skin care products that block muscle contraction. Such skin care products contain active ingredients including acetyl hexapeptide, dimethylaminoethanol, and spilanthus extract. These ingredients can regulate nerves and improve The activity of muscle joints weakens the muscle activity that affects the skin, thereby improving expression lines.

Of course, we also need to pay attention to sun protection. Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to our skin. People often use some anti-oxidant and anti-glycation skin care products, which can improve photoaging, inhibit sugar oxidation and promote skin barrier repair.

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