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What are edible flavors and what are their functions?

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1. What is food flavor?

Edible flavors are blended flavors made from a variety of natural flavors extracted from animal and plant bodies or artificially synthesized flavors. It is a food additive that can emit an aromatic flavor at room temperature. The purpose of using food flavors in food is to produce, change or improve the flavor of food. Like the food we eat every day, it is extracted or synthesized from plants and animals.

2. How to classify food flavors?

Food flavors can be divided into liquid, powder, and emulsified flavors according to the dosage form, and can also be divided into the source of flavor substances: thermal reaction type (such as Maillard reaction), blending type, oxidation type (such as fat oxidation), fermentation type (Such as fermented aromas such as yogurt, wine, soy sauce, etc.) and enzymatic flavors. In short, there are many flavors to meet the needs of different products and forms.


3. What are the functions of edible flavors?

Edible flavors account for a small proportion of food ingredients, but they play a decisive role in the flavor of foods. Its functional characteristics in foods are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) Give food various flavors;

(2) Stabilize the aroma of food;

(3) Improve and supplement the aroma of processed foods;

(4) Cover up the bad smell of food;

(5) Sterilization, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation effects;

(6) The effect of promoting appetite.


4. Where are edible flavors used?

Food flavors and fragrances have been widely used in various fields of food production. They not only improve food quality, compensate for food flavor defects, increase food color and fragrance, improve people's quality of life and taste, but also promote the rapid development of food industry.At present, flavors and fragrances are mainly used in the following fields in the food industry:

(1) Application in candy

(2) Application in beverages and cold drinks

(3) Application in seasoning

(4) Application in dairy products

(5) Application in baked goods

(6) Application in meat products

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