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What does glabridin do to the skin?

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Plant source

Glycyrrhiza glabra is a legume, native to southern Europe and India, and now it is planted in Xinjiang, Northeast China, North China,  and northwest provinces in China, and its root extract is used in cosmetics.


There are five kinds of flavonoids in Glycyrrhiza glabra, such as glycyrrhizin and Glabridin, etc. Glabridin accounts for the largest proportion, about 11%, and is the main active ingredient of Glycyrrhiza glabra.

As the "whitening gold" of Glabridin has a very powerful whitening effect. Scientific experiments have proved that the rate of inhibition of tyrosinase is 140 times higher than that of niacinamide at the same concentration of addition,which is called the TOP of whitening class.


What does glabridin do to the skin?

Glabridin can whiten from 4 pathways to achieve the whole chain of source, base, middle and surface layer to suppress darkness:

1: soothing and anti-irritation, intercepting the signal of melanin formation stimulated by external factors such as UV rays, stress and pollution from the source.

2: inhibiting tyrosinase activity at the bottom of the skin, blocking melanin synthesis.

3: inhibit pro-melanocyte hormone in the middle layer of the skin, cutting off the path of melanin to the epidermis transit propulsion, so that the complexion can not become darker.

4: Promotes the reduction of melanin and resists oxidative dullness.

Under the joint action of the four pathways, the Glabridin will be able to achieve the purpose of efficient whitening, repairing skin dullness, redness and acne and acne marks, so that the skin back to the natural delicate white.

glabridin 90% powder

It is worth mentioning that, according to the US FDA test, Glabridin is a safe ingredient that does not cause skin irritation. Therefore, compared to most whitening ingredients, Glabridin are safe and efficient, and there is no need to build tolerance, so even sensitive skin can put it on their face without worry.

Glabridin Application

At present, the most sold in the market is the HPLC 40% (brown powder), due to the color, mainly used in mask products. For creams and serums, it is recommended that HPLC 40% (white powder), 90% and 98%, the color is white, added to the product color is better, the consumer can easily accept. 

glabridin 98%

Glabridin is safe to use for skin whitening. glabridin has become a popular whitening ingredient in high-end international cosmetics. The ingredient is widely used in cosmetic brands in Japan, Korea, and many countries in Europe and the United States. Such as Estee Lauder, Lancome, Dior, Chanel, etc.

Glabridin Recommended Dosage

In cosmetics, the recommended dosage is 0.05-2% of photoglycyrrhizine for whitening effect.

40% Glabridin: 0.2%

90%,98% Glabridin: 0.1%

We have 98% ,90% ,40% Glabridin, and water soluble 10% Glabridin,that can meets defferent requirement. The water soluble Glabridin produced by our company is white powder with excellent water solubility and stable solution, which satisfies the application of customers in cosmetics products.



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