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What is antioxidant and how to resist oxidation?

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Antioxidant is a popular keyword in the skin care industry, and many skin care products are advertised for their anti-oxidant effects. So what is antioxidant? Is antioxidant really useful?


1. What is antioxidant?

Antioxidant is actually to resist free radicals. So what are free radicals?

Human respiration, contact with the outside world, etc., will undergo various oxidation reactions in the body, and when the human body uses oxygen for certain metabolic reactions, it will inevitably produce some unstable substances. Their personalities are very lively and disturbed. They even like to attack other cells. Because of their unconstrained personality, they are called "free radicals".

A large number of studies have shown that aging and disease are mostly related to excessive free radical production. Therefore, in order to be healthy and delay aging, it is necessary to resist excessive free radicals in the body. This is the truth of "anti-oxidation".

2. The source of free radicals


(1) Smoking and drinking.

(2) Ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic waves, light radiation, etc.

(3) Environmental pollution, including air, water, soil pollution, etc.

(4) Abuse of chemical drugs, such as food additives, pesticides, drugs, etc.

(5) Bad emotions such as stress, irritability, anxiety, depression, etc.

3. How to resist oxidation

(1) Maintain a good life and rest

Early to bed and early to get up, get enough sleep, and live a healthy life without smoking or drinking alcohol. These are all common topics, but if you stick to it, you can have a healthy body. This is very helpful for fighting oxidation and free radicals.


(2) Maintain a good mood

As the saying goes, "A good mood is born from the heart", a good mood will make people feel comfortable, and a good mood will also help reduce the generation of free radicals in the body. And bad mood, too much pressure will not only make people feel depressed, but also not good for skin maintenance.

(3) Eat foods high in vitamin C

Kiwi, lemon, orange, grapefruit, tomatoes, fresh dates, loquat, guava, hawthorn, etc. are all foods rich in vitamin C. In addition, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can also bring rich vitamin C to the body . A large amount of vitamin C as an antioxidant can remove free radicals in the body and play a very good antioxidant effect.

(4) Topical essence

Many skin care products are aimed at the anti-oxidant market and have introduced many anti-oxidant essences. Daily use of these anti-oxidant essences can assist the skin's anti-oxidation. It has a good effect on delaying aging and maintaining skin youthfulness, but it must be used consistently.

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