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What is plant extract?

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Plant extracts refer to plant products with small biological molecules and macromolecules as the main body formed for the purpose of separating and purifying one or more active ingredients in plant raw materials by means of physical, chemical and biological methods. Grape seed extraction Plant extracts, lotus seed heart extract, tomato extract, cherry extract, aloe extract, ginkgo biloba extract and other plant extracts have been widely used in botanicals, food additives, functional foods, daily chemicals, botanical pesticides And veterinary drugs.

Since its inception, the plant extract industry has formed an inseparable relationship with the upstream and downstream industries of food. Food and beverage, organic food, green food, functional food, health food, health food, food additives, etc. It involves the use of plant extracts.

Plant extracts

Food additives are a major development direction of plant extracts. With the rise of the modern food industry and the improvement of living standards, consumers have gradually increased their health awareness, and safe and natural products have become more and more favored by food companies and consumers. Food additives are an indispensable part of the modern food industry. Therefore, the development of the food industry will greatly stimulate people's demand for food additives that use natural plant extracts as raw materials. In the beverage field, the international market has entered an era of blooming flowers. More and more beverage manufacturers use the special effects of natural plant extracts as the selling point of new beverages to cut into the market to promote profit growth.

Secondly, the development of the plant extract industry is also closely related to the upstream food extraction equipment industry. Since plant extracts are mainly used in industries directly related to life and health, such as food and beverages and health products, quality control of plant extract products is the core link of the entire industry chain. Raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are all subject to strict monitoring. The quality control of plant extract products mainly includes quantitative inspection and limited inspection. Quantitative inspection refers to the detection of the target effective substance content, and the limited inspection items include the detection of impurities, moisture, ash, heavy metals, pesticide residues, microorganisms, etc. of plant sources or plant extracts. Therefore, various types of testing equipment will become an important guarantee for the quality and safety of plant extracts.

Plant extracts

All in all, the plant extract industry is a technology-dependent industry. Advanced extraction technology and equipment can not only greatly improve the quality of extract products, but also increase the utilization rate of raw materials, reduce raw material waste, and reduce production costs. With the increasing number of industry competitors and increasingly fierce competition, companies will definitely choose the development strategy of continuously improving technology and developing new processes.

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