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What is the key to whitening?

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Skin whitening has always been the highest level of beauty in the pursuit of beauty. After all, one white hides one hundred ugliness, but have we really figured out skin whitening? What is the key to whitening?

1. In fact, whitening should start from the following five aspects:

(1) An environment that blocks melanin formation.

(2) Inhibit melanin production at the root.

(3) Dilute the already formed melanin.

(4) Block the transmission of melanin, transport and calm down.

(5) Speed up skin cell metabolism and replenish skin moisture.

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2. So the question is, what should be done to truly whiten the skin, what aspects should be paid attention to?

1)Remember not to blindly whiten, and quickly remove spots and whiten

There are two types of skin black and white. One is born white. Under the influence of the external environment, body and other factors, the skin becomes dark, yellow, and dull. This type of skin can be treated with medical beauty techniques, such as microneedles. , Laser and other methods for improvement, and supplemented by medical whitening products. The other is the inherently darker skin. Remember to blindly seek whiteness, follow the laws of nature, and make it healthier and more beautiful. The melanin that has been formed has a cycle of melanin metabolism in skin cells, so blindly seeking fast is absolutely impossible.

2)Do good sun protection

Sun exposure is one of the main morbidity and aggravating factors. Therefore, sun protection is definitely the core of whitening. If you do not use sunscreen for a day, you will not be able to make it up for a month. To really do a good job in sun protection, you need to do the following:

(1) Wear sunscreen all year round, regardless of cloudy or rainy days.

(2) Just use the size of soybeans, too much sunscreen application can easily clog pores.

(3) Sunscreen needs to be reapplied several times, instead of applying a layer before going out, just sit back and relax. After half a day, the sunscreen has been washed into a fishing net by sweat.

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(4) For oily skin and sensitive skin, it is recommended to use physical sunscreen. This kind of sunscreen is clear and non-greasy. For dry skin, use physical + chemical sunscreen to nourish and moisturize.

3. Avoid irritation and repair the barrier

Reduce inducing irritation factors, restore skin barrier function, enhance the skin's own ability to resist ultraviolet rays, while avoiding chronic inflammation and reducing pigmentation.

4. Pay attention to maintaining an optimistic mood and ensure enough sleep

Pay attention to maintain an optimistic mood, ensure enough sleep, adjust bad mentality, and avoid parasympathetic redness and excessive excitement. Avoid taking birth control pills, photosensitivity drugs and irregular cosmetics.

5. According to the skin condition, choose the corresponding whitening method

If the skin is dull and dull, it is recommended to use medical whitening products.

6. It is recommended to replenish more water, repair, promote cell metabolism, products containing hyaluronic acid and EGF

If it is deep spots such as freckles, chloasma, etc., you have to choose cosmetic techniques.

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