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Why is tea a "protective umbrella" for human organs?

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The World Health Organization has investigated the pros and cons of beverages in many countries and finally believes that tea is the best beverage for mankind. According to scientific determination, tea contains protein, fat, more than 10 kinds of vitamins, as well as nearly 300 kinds of ingredients such as tea polyphenols, caffeine, and lipopolysaccharides, which can regulate physiological functions and exert various health and pharmacological effects.

It is known that tea has dozens of health functions:

1 Produce body fluid to quench thirst, relieve heat and relieve heat;

2 Diuresis and detoxification (accelerate the excretion of heavy metals and other toxins from the body);

3 Yisi refreshes, reduces fatigue (excites the central nervous system, accelerates the discharge of lactic acid);

4 To prevent dental caries; enhance immunity;

5 Prevent and delay aging (by eliminating free radicals and anti-oxidation);

6 Sterilization and antivirus (inhibition of harmful bacteria and viruses);

7 Lowering blood lipids, anti-blood coagulation, lowering cholesterol, and preventing atherosclerosis;

8 Lower blood pressure (by inhibiting angiotensin I converting enzyme);

9 Weight loss and bodybuilding (digest fat and reduce blood fat);

10 Reduce blood sugar and prevent diabetes (the effect of tea polysaccharides in lowering blood sugar);

11 Clean mouth and deodorize;

12 Digestion and relieving greasiness (by promoting the secretion of gastric juice and dissolving fat);

13 Improve eyesight, prevent and treat eye diseases (vitamin effect);

14 Clearing away heat and protecting liver (action of catechin substances);

15 Prevention and treatment of scurvy (the role of tea polyphenols and vitamin C);

16 Prevention and treatment of radiation damage (increasing the number of white blood cells in the blood);

17 Anti-allergic (by inhibiting histamine release);

18 Anti-ulcer (by inhibiting the digestive effect of pepsin);

19 Promote colonic peristalsis to treat constipation;

20 Sober up alcohol (diuresis is beneficial to the excretion of alcohol);

21 Reduce smoke tar and reduce smoke poison;

22 Heweizhixie (kills harmful bacteria in the intestines and protects beneficial bacteria);

23 Anti-cancer and anti-mutation (the effect of catechins and flavonoids);

24 Regulate the body and mind and promote thinking (tea has the function of clearing the heart, regulating emotions, and inspiring wisdom);

25 Moisturize the skin (good beauty effect), etc.

In summary, the health benefits of tea can act on various organs of the human body.

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